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Whether you’re looking to add more space by converting your tub to a shower, or just looking to upgrade a tired bathroom to a sleek design, Frederick Kitchens & Bathrooms has the solutions, styles, and finishes to give a new life to your old bathroom.

Shower Remodeling

Turn your old bathtub into a beautiful, space saving shower with customizable Frederick Kitchens & Bathrooms solutions. You can choose from a wide selection of layouts, colors, safety features, backsplashes, and fixtures all designed to make your morning shower your favorite part of your day.

Bathtub Remodeling

Ready to upgrade your faded, chipped bathtub into a spa, or add shelves and safety features to your tub space? Our durable bathtub solutions, available in a large selection of affordable styles and colors, are designed to withstand years of wear and tear without peeling, chipping, or scratching.


Chipped, peeling, or missing tiles in your bathroom can hide mold and mildew while making your bathroom appear old and outdated. Upgrade your bathroom flooring with laminate or tiles in any style or color, from traditional porcelain to wood-look options.

Bathroom Maintenance

Not looking for a full-scale bathroom remodel? If your existing space just needs some attention, like grout replacement, new fixtures, tile work, or a new sink and vanity, our affordable bathroom maintenance services will help bring your existing bathroom up to date with solutions designed to fit your bathroom and your budget.


Bathroom Projects

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